Design excellence is the result of a strong team, focused on continuous development and refinement.

The team at KGA is passionate about great design, creativity and collaboration. Working in a design driven environment that encourages openness and critical thinking, a diverse range of skills and experiences gained all over the world are brought together in KGA’s projects.

The studio is a place of fertile cross-pollination, where ideas are shared, brainstorming is encouraged and talents are fostered through ongoing professional development. Design Director Christian Grennan oversees all projects, ensuring the energy and ideas of the team are harnessed towards the crafting of great spaces. General Manager Chris Kreis is focused on creating a supportive environment in which individuals — and the studio as a whole — can grow. 

Christian Grennan

Design Director & Principal Architect

Born into a family of makers, Christian has worked as an architect for more than 20 years both locally and internationally on multi-residential and mixed-use projects. He takes great pleasure in learning from all those around him — clients, professionals, tradespeople and the team at KGA — enjoying the process of crafting unique spatial solutions for people to enjoy.

Christian currently lectures in design and construction at UNSW, having taught design, design theory and construction for the last 10 years at various universities. His interests outside of architecture and design include woodwork, metalwork, contemporary art and film, nature, poetry and landscape design. 

Registered Architect #8036, Builder’s Licence, Bachelor Philosophy

Chris Kreis

Managing Director, Project Manager

Chris loves working with people, property and great design, a joy that has developed over 20 years in the architecture and property development industries. In this time, he has managed small to medium scale development projects, enjoying the delivery of unexpected design solutions to clients and seeing their response. Critically, he applies both precision and creativity to project management, providing solutions to complex challenges that enable projects to come to life.

His role at KGA revolves around the big picture — preparing complex development strategies, ensuring the business runs smoothly, clients are taken care of and projects progress according to schedule. When away from the studio, Chris enjoys spending time with family and being in nature hiking, camping, climbing, skiing and diving. His passions for travel and photography go hand-in-hand, while he stays mentally and physically balanced by practicing yoga regularly.

Meike Tabel

Senior Project Designer
Dipl. Ing of Architecture 

Meike was born in the German town where Elvis met Pricilla. Prior to joining KGA she worked 13 years at Turner Architects, where she was responsible for the delivery of medium to large scale residential and mixed-use projects. At KGA she enjoys developing a unique design solution based on the client's needs, and brings a strong analytical approach and commercial understanding to our team. Her German background leads to efficient delivery of design-lead built outcomes and a high-level attention to detail.  Outside work,  Meike enjoys outdoor walks in nature, swimming, reading,  HIIT training and good food. 

Felipe Zuniga

Project Designer
Bachelor of Architecture

Felipe has over 10 years experience in the architectural field. As a project architect at KGA, he enjoys the autonomy and freedom of design he is offered. Originally from Colombia, Felipe brings with him a certain South American design influence and experience. His favorite part of the design process is the concept design, where he enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with other team members. Cooking, music and surfing are his hobbies outside of work hours and he describes the beach as his second home, enjoying the feeling of being connected with nature. 

Lin Lee

Masters of Architecture

Originally from Malaysia, Lin worked for 6 years as an interior designer, before feeling a need for better integration between interior design and architecture and that neither should be designed in isolation. Aspiring to find a better integration between the two, she has recently completed a Master of Architecture degree and is bridging her old school way of thinking with new digital tools and systems. She describes herself as an 'Internet Junkie', who can spend hours perusing random online content. Outside Architecture, Lin enjoys a game a tennis and cats.

Romina Rodriguez

Graduate of Architecture

Romina from Argentina has a Master Degree in architecture and worked over the past 7 years in architecture design studios. KGA is her first international work experience and provides her with an opportunity to expand her knowledge.  She has a special interest in ecological and low-cost construction, to make buildings more accessible for the public. Romina has a lively nature and brings a lot of positive energy to KGA's workplace. Besides architecture, Romina likes to draw, run in nature, cook, read and learning new things. 

Marcelo Rodriguez

Graduate of Architecture

Marcelo hails from Columbia where he worked for five years mostly on multi-residential projects. He is currently enrolled in Masters of Architecture program at UNSW to further his education. Marcelo enjoys finding concept design solutions based on complex client requirements and shows his strength shows when faced with challenges. When not at KGA, Marcelo has an interest in global affairs, particularly in technology related matters. He also likes to watch documentaries and reading about the aviation industry. 

Ryan Dingle

Graduate of Architecture

Ryan comes from a landscaping and construction background and is currently studying a Masters of Architecture at University of Sydney. He has a particular interest in vernacular architecture of Australia. He loves learning new skills and gaining knowledge, while bringing an ingenuitive approach to construction to the team at KGA. Outside work Ryan is interested in zoology, gardening and enjoys camping, reading and making things. 

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