About KGA

Crafting great spaces to live, work and be

Kreis Grennan Architecture believes that great design provides a platform that can lift people’s spirits and encourage them to appreciate beauty in everyday life.

The practice formed in 2015 as a creative collaboration between architect and licensed builder, Christian Grennan, and property developer and project manager, Chris Kreis. With these complementary skills and ranges of experience, KGA provides the best possible integrated services in architecture, urban design, project management and property development.

Working across single residential, multi-residential and commercial projects, KGA’s process is always collaborative — listening carefully to clients, consultants and craftspeople, asking questions, thinking critically and providing a transparent decision-making process. Above all, the outcome is the forging of honest, open and ongoing relationships.

For the home-owner, KGA brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in assessing project needs. Based on analysis of daily rituals and means, gleaned from a rigorous and thoughtful briefing phase, we seek to craft spaces that serve the clients. Comfort, beauty and modesty are central in in forming design decisions, as are the multiple layers of the specific context.

For the developer, KGA offers property development insights, from analysing project viability, to concept development, documentation, construction, project sales and marketing. We are passionate about a multiplicity of housing solutions as a necessary response to the growing demand for housing in Sydney, and aim to integrate their expertise in this field into all projects. Using progressive design, thinking and planning, KGA strives to create great architecture for everyone. 

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