The Benefits of Choosing KGA as Your Architect assisting you in Lilyfield

If you are in the process of looking for an architect in Lilyfield, you have found the right design practice to help you achieve your goals. There are some solid reasons why you should choose us and you may ask yourself; What would working with us give you that you wouldn't get somewhere else? What are the benefits of choosing our team at KGA to design your new home?

  • We are versatile: We will work with you to design your personal home, based on your vision and our creativity. A lot of our time is spent in the pre-design stages, where we establish the brief to establish your exact requirements to form the basis of our design. In addition to tradition architecture, we are also experts in construction, project management and interior design. Many architects just get you through the first step of the house building process until Development Application. KGA will assist you through the entire process, from initial concept to completion as your architect in Lilyfield.
  • We are engaged: Our designs are tailored for each individual situation, based on your goals, locality and the site. Our passion and engagement drive every project, with our design director being personally involved in each project. Our team contributes to your vision the whole way through, from concept to construction.
  • We take care of all aspects: Negotiating with councils; hiring builders and contractors; overseeing the construction process to make sure everything runs smooth on site and administer variation charges by builder. As part of our holistic service offering, we manage and take care of all these matters in an efficient way, saving you time, money and frustration.

Finding the right architect in Lilyfield is about more than just finding a talented designer. It's about aligning yourself with a team who you believe can do the job well.

Our team at Kreis Grennan Architecture is that team. Call us on 02 9560 0888 and speak to Chris to schedule a consultation.

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