Our experience and range of design skills gained all over the world allows us to craft distinctive spaces to live, work and play.

KGA's creative output is driven by a collaboration between architect & builder Christian Grennan, and project manager & property developer Chris Kreis. 

Christian Grennan

Design Director & Principal Architect

Born into a family of makers, Christian has worked as an architect for more than 25 years both locally and internationally on multi-residential and mixed-use projects. He takes great pleasure in learning from all those around him — clients, professionals, tradespeople and the team at KGA — enjoying the process of crafting unique spatial solutions for people to enjoy.

Christian currently lectures in design and construction at UNSW. His interests outside of architecture and design include woodwork, metalwork, contemporary art and film, nature, poetry and landscape design. 

Registered Architect #8036, Builder’s Licence, Bachelor Philosophy

Chris Kreis

Managing Director, Project Manager

Chris loves working with people and property, a joy that has developed over 25 years in the architecture and property development industries. Managing development projects, he enjoys the delivery of unexpected design solutions to clients to achieve a better outcome. He applies both precision and creativity to project management, providing solutions to complex challenges that enable projects to come to life.

When away from the studio, Chris enjoys spending time with family and being in nature hiking, camping, climbing, skiing and diving. His passions for travel and photography go hand-in-hand, while he stays mentally and physically balanced by practicing yoga.

Lin Lee

Graduate Designer
Master of Architecture

Originally from Malaysia, Lin worked for 6 years as an interior designer, before feeling a need for better integration between interior design and architecture and that neither should be designed in isolation. 

Aspiring to find a better integration between the two, she has recently completed a Master of Architecture degree and is bridging her old school way of thinking with new digital tools and systems. She describes herself as an 'Internet Junkie', who can spend hours perusing random online content. Outside Architecture, Lin enjoys a game a tennis and cats.

Registered Architect #11264

Thomas Choo

Graduate Designer
Master of Architecture

Thomas has a Master of Architecture from UNSW and  has worked on various projects over the past 5 years. 

Collaborating directly with clients is central to Thomas’s enjoyment of architecture,  working together with clients through the design, certification and construction phases.  His interests lie particularly in construction - understanding  how a building will come together, and  working with builders to ensure the architectural vision is achieved.  

Outside of architecture, Thomas is an avid traveler who has spent extended periods of time in Europe and Asia.  He also enjoys cooking, hiking, swimming and LEGO.

Noor El-Gewely

Project Designer
Master of Architecture

Jacob Shaw

Graduate Designer
Master of Architecture


Office Dog
Doctorate in quality control and fun. (these are not mutually exclusive)

Mies has kept things moving at KGA for over 4 years and does whatever is necessary to keep the team functioning well, as well as checking the bins to ensure nothing edible goes to waste. 

She has amazing sleeping skills, great stress management and a strong minimalistic aesthetic.

When not in the office Mies enjoys running, swimming and playing with balls.