Are you looking to build a new home? Then you need to talk to our team of professionals in Glebe.

Would you like to live in Glebe? Have you considered designing and building a custom home instead of trying to find a suitable house from the very limited properties available on the market?

Kreis Grennan Architecture is a team of architects in Glebe that can assist you through every step of finding suitable land, designing and building a new home. Our end-to-end service offering assist you through every step of the process; from the design stages, to council approval, finding the right builder, administer the construction contract and finally the practical completion with the handover of the keys to your new home.

There are clear benefits of working with an architect to design your own home, instead of trying to adapt an existing property to your ideas. Here are some of them.

  • You can build a home based on your design ideas. Everyone who purchases real estate has a clear expectation of their home and a wish list – a list of items that you want to have or need to have when for your home. Finding a home, which ticks all the boxes, can be very hard and you will have to make compromises.
  • You can adjust the design to your budget. Our architects in Glebe have extensive experience with residential home designs and can customise the design to meet your budget and your items on your wish list. We will provide you the opportunity to review and adjust the scope and during the project’s critical stages.
  • You can choose the location of your home. Finding the right house to meet your expectations is hard enough; finding the right house in the right location is almost impossible. If you decide to build a new home, you have far greater flexibility to build your house in your preferred location.

If you are lucky, you will fall in love with the first house your agent shows you. However should you have searched the market for your home in Glebe for a while now, consider building a house from scratch with architects in Glebe. Call Kreis Grennan Architecture on 02 9560 0888 and speak to Chris to schedule a consultation.

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