Turn your home in Marrickville into a sanctuary with Kreis Grennan Architecture

When does a house start to feel like your personal space and home? Once you have moved in and unpacked all boxes? When you decorated the place? When you ate your first meal and spend a night in the house? Or the day you have a house warming party with your friends and family?

Our team at Kreis Grennan Architecture understands that our clients looking for architects in Marrickville have different views and answers to the questions above. Sometimes a house can feel like your personal home from the moment you set foot inside. In other situation people can live in a place for years without it ever really feeling like a home.

In our opinion every person is looking for a personal space, a warm and welcoming home, a sanctuary. We also believe it is our job to help people achieve that feeling of comfort and security. When you hire an architect in Marrickville, you are not only getting architectural drawings. You gain our attention to detail as we listen to your needs and goals; we then translate them into the design of your personalised space to become your future home.

Upon completion and council approval of the Development Application you will continue to get our help and advice in preparing the working drawings, construction documentation, interior design and finding a builder and administer the construction contract.

If you are looking for architects in Marrickville, consider Kreis Grennan Architecture. Our end-to-end service offerings assist you through every step until completion. Call us on 02 9560 0888 and speak to Chris to schedule a consultation.

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