How Our Architects in Newtown Work to Achieve Client Happiness

For our staff at Kreis Grennan Architecture, ensuring that our clients are satisfied is as important as creating beautiful home designs. Should you choose to hire our architects in Newtown for your project, we will ensure to achieve client happiness in a number of ways, the most important being the quality of our design, but also by making the process easier and smoother.

One of the many ways we achieve customer happiness at Kreis Grennan Architecture is by having identified our customers' ‘pain points’. We asked ourselves 'which factor of the building design process and working with an architect is hardest and most frustrating for our customers?' With our extensive experience and background of over 20 years in the architecture and construction industry we identified the major points as:

  • Dealing and negotiating with councils over a level of bureaucracy
  • Dealing with builders, contractors and consultants
  • Managing or coordinating the construction project

The common factor with the points above is that they are all time consuming and can be very complex and frustrating tasks, hence becoming major ‘pain points’. When our clients hire KGA as their architects in Newtown for a project, they may not be aware of all the steps and processes involved from the initial concept design the construction completion.

Our client management takes care of all interactions and management of third parties in the project, but still keeps you up to date with necessary details for you to make informed decisions. Our team at Kreis Grennan Architecture has established a reputation for happy customers by taking out the uncertainty and ‘pain points’ for our projects in Newtown.

Once the design has been prepared and confirmed by our clients, we handle all the negotiations with council, prepare the interior design and documentation, help you select a suitable builder, run a competitive tender program and administer the construction. Most importantly, we communicate with you at every step in a way for you to stay informed of important matters, but don’t get overwhelmed with information and details.

Are you looking for architects in Newtown? Call Kreis Grennan Architecture on 02 9560 0888 and speak to Chris to learn more how we can assist you.

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