Our secret of becoming an award-winning architect in Sydney: Attention to detail

Our team at Kreis Grennan Architecture is very proud to call themselves award-winning architects in Sydney. Our designs are appreciated and respected in the industry and by all of our client homeowners. What is our secret to become an award-winning architect? There are many different answers to this questions, but one driving factor is, having a focused and sustained attention to detail.

Details are important in every aspect of life, but in architecture getting the details right in every step of the development process is critical to achieving an outstanding result. Our architects pay close attention to every minute detail of a project during the concept, design and drafting stage. Errors on the drawing board can cost thousands of dollars during construction. Errors on Development Applications cause extensive delays with council approval and the project program.

A rigorous attention to detail is required for our architects to supervise and oversee the construction during the contract administration, for example when assessing the contractor’s claims for progress payments, extensions of time and monetary variations.

Our outstanding attention to details make us award winning architects in Sydney, it streamlines the process, avoids many frustrations and can save our clients a considerable amount of money during construction.

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