Hire an Architect in Balmain to Design Your Home

Few people realise how complex it is to design and build a house, until they find themselves lost in a maze of council, building regulations, design options and contractors. No two building projects are identical and there is no single clear-cut path. Kreis Grennan Architecture can help you to manage this process by providing the creative design expertise and project management skills.

The assistance of a professional architect who does work in Balmain may be the missing ingredient to turn your dream into a great place where you can live, work, and be. Kreis Grennan Architecture is an award-winning firm that helps clients achieve their goals. We provide architectural design and urban planning services to both residential and commercial clients throughout the Sydney area.

As an architect near Balmain we are local, which makes communicating that little bit easier. Finding the right solution requires us to listen, analyse, synthesise, and clearly communicate to ensure your design meets your needs. Our architects provide detailed design documents at every stage of the process. This is particularly critical when dealing with builders to ensure they are aware of your expectations and to avoid costly variations during construction.

We understand that every project will have its constraints whether it is time, budget, or some other limitation. Kreis Grennan Architecture approaches every project with an open mind and strives to develop innovative practical design solutions.

If you require the services of an award-winning architect near Balmain, contact us today, we would love to talk to you and learn how we can assist you with your project. Call us on 02 9560 0888 and speak to Chris to schedule a consultation.

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