A detailed return brief is the jumping off point for a responsive design. As well as listing physical desires, such as type and number of rooms, KGA seeks to understand how residents live and how they use space. 

This includes analysing daily habits, rituals, and the use of the existing dwelling. While this brief forms the basis for creative exploration, KGA recognises the inherent need for flexibility, as the possibilities of a project are revealed throughout the process. 

Ultimately, this flexibility results in a more considered and comprehensive design proposal, which continues to develop in a cyclical process of refinement to produce the most authentic and evolved result.

Multi-Residential & Commercial

KGA brings experience and insights from their own property development projects to multi-residential and commercial collaborations. 

They recognise that facts and figures must drive the design solution and assist clients with design concepts in tandem with numerical feasibility assessment to validate the viability of developments. 

Site sourcing is a part of this process, and once a project is underway, KGA complements the client’s strengths by designing to particular construction capabilities and managing the construction process with fluent understanding of the project’s needs. 

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