The benefits of hiring a residential architect in Sydney inner west who knows construction

In many instances when you engage a residential architect in Sydney Inner West, his expertise and knowledge is limited to architectural design. At KGA our understanding and expertise expands well beyond the traditional architecture into interior design and construction.

Having the benefit of also owning a builder license, gives us the advantage to understand design not only from a creative point of view, but also from a practical construction application. Our design works not only on paper, they are also sensible and buildable during construction. In addition, our end-to-end service offering means that we are able to administer the contract during construction and supervise the builder to ensure the design is being built as intended.

There are clear benefits of working with a residential architect in Sydney Inner West who understands the actual construction process. By ensuring the design is efficiently buildable, it reduces construction cost and makes the project more efficient.

Fining an architect who also enjoys and understands construction is an important factor when you are considering to design a home renovation or building. Call us on 02 9560 0888 and speak to Chris to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how we can make your project more efficient.

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