Finding a Sydney residential architect with technical and material knowledge is pivotal

A general conception for people is to see architects primarily as designers, working on a drafting table and drawing floor plans for buildings. While design skills are an important part for an architect, the technical and material knowledge are just as important and a critical skill set of any Sydney residential architect.

Our team at Kreis Grennan Architecture bring an extraordinary knowledge of technical and material knowledge to all our projects. This is not an obvious skill and is not noticeable once a building has been constructed. It is however very important for architects to have a sound working knowledge of the technical construction details, to ensure that the design is actually buildable.

Our knowledge and experience at Kreis Grennan Architecture helps us to deliver finished projects that not only are well considered and aesthetically pleasing, they also work on a technical level and are buildable to a provided budget.

As Sydney residential architects we can assist you to deliver a beautiful and well-built home.

Call Kreis Grennan Architecture on 02 9560 0888 and speak to Chris to arrange a consultation.

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