Mass Timber Buildings

Large timber buildings are capturing the imagination of architects and developers around the world. The breakthrough in new ‘Mass Timber’ materials allow engineers to use timber in high rise building, whilst maintaining the same standards for safety and performance as a traditional concrete or steel building type.

Mass timber is a category of super-strong wood framing using CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) or Glulam (Glue Laminated Timber), which is a reliable and a suitable replacement for concrete, steel or masonry construction in some construction application. Using timber as the primary building material lessens the carbon footprint of the built environment and allows for a more cost-competitive, carbon efficient and sustainable construction. Whilst timber buildings are not new, the new technologies allow them to be used in taller buildings with increased efficiency. 

Sydney’s first timber office block at Barangaroo is due to be completed in 2017 and residents of London are due to get a new addition to their skyline with an 80-storey, 300m tall tower, nicknamed the Toothpick (pictured above), it will be made almost entirely from timber. Read more how timber buildings will change our future skyline

 KGA in collaboration with Marra + Yeh have submitted a pitch to Byron Shire Council for a timber built, mixed-use development containing commercial and short term holiday rental accommodation. The design will be a climate-responsive and high energy efficient building. Stay tuned in future emails for progress on this exciting project.