YrdPod Launch

Hello from KGA,

We are super excited to be launching our YrdPod tiny houses range this weekend. The Kreis Grennan designed and built a prototype of the YrdPod L+, which was completed a couple of month ago. Following this the website was launched this week - www.yrdpod.com.au and we have started taking orders.

What are YrdPods?
It’s a Pod located in a Yard! The dictionary defines a Pod as: streamlined enclosure, housing, or detachable container of some kind; and Yard as: a piece of enclosed ground adjoining or surrounding a house or other building.

We have designed the YrdPods as small, architectural buildings providing a flexible addition to a space, in either an urban or rural setting. If you are interested in getting your own YrdPod as a backyard studio, guest room or even an off-grid cabin in a rural location get in touch with us and we’ll send you more information.

There are currently three standard YrdPods available in S, M and L sizes, with the S+ being able to fit into the smallest of urban backyards. The Pods can be fully customised in size, features, fixtures and finishes and personalised based on your requirements, site location and expectations. 

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